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Sources: Tanzania, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Burma.

Hardness on Mohs scale: 8

Common Enhancements: None

Birthstone: January

Cleaning Methods:

  • Ultrasonic: usually safe.
  • Steamer: usually safe.
  • Warm soapy water: safe

Spinel is a mineral species in the Spinel group and comes in rich variations in color and strong crystal properties such as it brilliance and hardness. The hot pink and red crystals from Tanzania like the famous Mehenge Spinel which came on the market in the last decade showcase a fiery hue unseen in any other gemstone. Deep in the mountains of Northern Vietnam Spinels come in a huge array of pastels hues: violet, pink, lavender and blue. The most sought after variety of Spinel is the rare Cobalt Spinel which displays a unique electric blue. Spinel was not recognized as a separate gem from Ruby until the end of the 18th century as they are found in the same location. The queen of England has one in the Crown.

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