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Sources: Sri Lanka, Madagascar,
Brazil, Pakistan, Tanzania, Kenya

Hardness on Mohs scale: 7 – 7 1/2

Common Enhancements: None

Birthstone: January

Cleaning Methods:

  • Ultrasonic: usually safe
  • Steamer: not recommended
  • Warm soapy water: safe

By the term Garnet, gemologist refer to a group of more then ten mineral varieties of similar chemical composition. The most recognized are the following: Mandarin garnet, due to its bright orange color which is caused by manganese, It is also properly called spessartite or spessartine. It is a very rare material especially when free of visible inclusions. Rhodolite garnet which presents itself in colors ranging from light to dark purplish red through reddish purple caused by the chemical element Iron. Tsavorite garnet, of intense green to yellowish green, can only be found in Tanzania and Kenya where originally it was discovered in the 1970’s. It is one of the rarest garnet variety, seldom included and fairly durable. Pyrope garnet, presents itself in colors ranging from medium to dark reddish orange, red to slightly purplish red. It is very well known, although not by species name. At the turn of the last century it was commonly fused to a glass base to form garnet and glass doublet imitations.

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