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Designer Gold Cufflinks For Men

Designed to create a sharper aesthetic in men, cufflinks are an essential element in a well-dressed man’s wardrobe. Paolo Costagli’s collection of gold cufflinks are created with style and function in mind. Taking notes from the jewelry’s long history of keeping gentlemen dapper and polished, these cufflinks for men range from classic styles to modern motifs.

Paolo Costagli’s designer cufflinks are masterfully made with 18kt gold in various finishes including yellow gold and rose gold. Featuring the iconic Brillante motif, the designs embody modernity while still featuring classic elements. The motif has strong, clean lines that complement most sartorial choices. Through the years, cufflinks has been the symbol of luxury in men. Usually gifted on important occasions, these accessories are somewhat commemorative. With men’s shirt styles being limited, cufflinks are what makes a shirt truly a man’s --a piece of his personality incorporated to his shirt.

First created in the 15th century, the cufflinks original form was of a ruffled wristband. As fashion evolved in the 1700’s, these fabric accessories were replaced with something that resembled the cufflink we know of today --clips and then, buttons made with glass and silver or gold. It is also at this point in history when cufflinks became a fundamental part of a gentleman’s wardrobe. During these years, every man sported cufflinks. Furthermore, the Industrial Revolution made it easy to mass manufacture these accessories. The end of the twentieth century saw the rise of shirts with buttons on the cuffs thus the signalling the end for cufflinks. Most men in the working class preferred the shirts with cuff buttons because of their durability. And because of the demand, this is what most manufacturers made. However, distinguished makers of high-class fashion for men kept making shirts that needed cufflinks. Thus, the cufflink began to be associated only with gentlemen of sensible style and affluence --a reputation that stands today.

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