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MAD Museum, New York: The Brillante® Collection

Being of true Venetian descent has always played an important role in my jewellery design inspirations, although I was actually born in Florence.

Since I was a child my mother used to take me to periodical trips from Florence to Venice, at different times of the year to make me fully appreciate how the city changes according to the seasons: the temperature, the colors, the water of the Lagoon, the sky, the sunsets, the sand at the Lido shores, they are all completely different.

In my childhood eyes, what was always the same was a distinctive architectonic design that I could find disseminated over and over on facades, on gates, on chairs, on floors and so forth. It was almost an optical illusion, that gave it a tridimensional effect although completely flat when installed on floors. 

Fast forward in 2008, I was on the trip with Save Venice and this design totally came back to me, so I started taking pictures of the various mosaics floor of the different palaces that we visited.

Back in New York City, we started the challenging process of transforming that design into a modern, fine jewellery collection, that is also current, bold, fashion iconic, and at the same time comfortable for the wearer, sparkling and priced correctly.

It was definitely not easy to combine all these characteristic but after many tries, after melting tens and tens of 18kt gold samples, we perfected a distinctive jewellery collection that has a very distinct character and easily identifiable jewellery design with a strong point of view that set itself apart from every other.



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