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Green Tourmaline Ring: A Journey to an Amazing Jewel.

In a search for perfect indicolite tourmaline (as we have many clients requesting rings set with this wonderful blue-green gemstone), I recently came across this very interesting rough gem, which displayed an unusual clarity, a very pleasant grass green tone, and was richly saturated but not over-colored. It turned out to be not an indicolite tourmaline, but a green tourmaline. This is referred to as "mint" tourmaline in the trade.
I immediately agreed to buy it. Inspired by the shape of the rough and its prestine clarity, I imagined a beautiful emerald cut - an Old World shape with wide corners, a small table, and as a personal touch, an extra large facet at the bottom of the pavilion (the lower part of the gemstone), which in gemological terms, is referred to as the 'culet'.
Cutting rough gemstones is always a risky business since you cannot really see what is inside.
The video below gives a very good idea of what I am talking about. At this point, the gemstone has an initial shape, but we cannot see if there is any microscopic inclusion near the corners or on the surface - which can shatter the stone under the pressure of the sawing wheel.  
After several weeks of waiting for the stone to be cut, I was very very pleased with the results.
The green tourmaline came out exactly as I had it imagined when I first saw the rough form of the stone. A wonderful, wide cornered emerald cut, with a very pleasant grass green color which flatters any complexion. 
The expert cutter did an excellent job in "closing the window" of the gemstone. In the trade, the window is that unpleasant see-through effect that is so commonly found in most stones. 
This cutting technique is expensive, entails losing a much larger amount of gem material and commands very high cutting skills - which is why it is very rarely seen.
Because this tourmaline turned out to be exceptionally clean and bright, I decided to create a very sparkling 18kt gold mounting for it, made of diamond set wires that wrap around it. 




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