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Gift Giving Suggestions: Easy way to choose jewelry

The world of fine jewelry, with the vast range of prices, colors and styles available, can be difficult for a client to navigate and we are often consulted for guidance in selecting the right gemstone for a special occasion gift.

As gemstone experts and creators of fine jewelry designs, we always advise that the first thing to identify when purchasing a gift is your budget. There are many factors that will influence the value and price of gemstones, such as the origin, absence or presence of treatment, size, shape, clarity, hue, and so on that allow for a specific material to be available at a variety of price points. For example, a sapphire that is greater than 10 carats certified by a laboratory to be not treated in any way and with the origin being Kashmir will certainly command a higher price than a sapphire that does not have these characteristics. Knowing the designated budget will allow us to easily guide you to viable options for your purchase.

The second thing to think about is the lifestyle of the recipient: Would she want to wear this jewel every day? If yes, then we recommend considering gemstones that are more durable, like sapphire and spinel, which are made of very hard material and also sparkle nicely because of their high optical properties. 

When thinking of purchasing a gift, the third interesting thing to consider is the wardrobe and personal style of the recipient as we want the gemstone to complement the colors she usually wears. If she is inclined to wear pinks, we might recommend pink sapphires, pink spinels, or pink tourmalines as they would integrate easily into her everyday style and are available at a variety of price points. If she prefers blues, there are many choices beyond the classic blue sapphire including aquamarines, tourmaline, spinel, zircon and topaz.

Lastly, we always suggest going for an unexpected cut or setting as a token representing how special and unique the recipient is to the gift giver. 



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