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Fancy color sapphires: an alternative engagement ring

When it comes to choosing among alternative engagement rings, a popular gemstone is sapphire for several reason.

Sapphires have the second highest mark on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, a 9 out of 10, and it is therefore less likely to scratch and can be considered a particularly durable gemstone. Hardness also contributes to its great sparkle for the light travels faster on harder materials.

Sapphires also come in any color of the rainbow, including colorless, which can dub as a diamond simulant.  The variety of colors allows for the ring to be personalized to best suit the recipient according to their tastes, complexion, and any other key factors you might be considering. The most widely known color of sapphires is blue.

Additionally, sapphires can fit any budget from very promotional to extremely valuable. For those who are investment oriented, specific qualities of the sapphire such as the origin, size, and absence or presence of treatment will affect the value and price of the sapphire.

99% of sapphires in the market are heated or treated in some way to enhance both the color, making it more vivid, and brilliance of the gemstone, by clearing inclusions. A sapphire that is certified by a laboratory to be free of any such enhancement is considered exceptionally rare (1% of all sapphires available in the market) and therefore valuable.



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