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Contemporary Engagement Rings: Our Point of View

Contemporary engagement rings from Paolo Costagli are designed from a unique point of view. It is a result of nearly 30 years’ experience working with colored gems, throughout every stage of the design process: sourcing the gems, recutting them, repolishing them, and realigning the facets for their best optical appearance. 

For nearly a decade, our fine jewelry collection has been presented at iconic stores, such as Bergdorf Goodman in New York City, and other luxury retailers of its caliber. This has allowed us the opportunity to consolidate our point of view, by listening to the comments and requests of the most sophisticated and discerning clients in the United States. More and more, these clients ask us to design engagement rings that are made of unusual gemstones. 

By applying extremely refined workmanship details to each of our gemstone rings, sometimes the details are not even immediately visible to an untrained eye. These refined details and one of a kind colored gemstones are what make our contemporary engagement rings different from the traditional concept of a diamond with classic halo pave mounting, which is perceived as appropriate for past generations. 

Our deep knowledge of colored stones and our predisposition for unusual color combinations came to life in a collection of contemporary engagement rings that are characterized by the minimal amount of metal used around each stone, which allows the gems to “float” on the hand when viewed face up.

With respect to color combinations, we realized that “ton sur ton” pairings, or two different shades of the same color, is an easy solution for everyday wear, considering that everyone has a favorite color: our Tanzanite and Aquamarine contemporary engagement ring is an example of a popular blue gemstones combination.

Alternatively, we learned to concentrate on classic color juxtapositions: setting a crisp, green peridot stone with emerald shape pink sapphires, a deep blue spinel stone with vibrant emeralds, or a bright mandarin garnet stone set with warm pink sapphires. Each of these contemporary engagement rings are modern and fresh options for a sophisticated client who appreciates the one of a kind beauty found in colored gemstones.



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